10-12 October 2017
Boston, USA

Accelerate The Development & Commercialization Of Better & Innovative Dermatological Drugs

With new treatment options available and an increasingly better understanding of the pathophysiology of skin diseases, the dermatology drug development space is now on the verge of a therapeutic revolution. This tremendous environment of opportunity is driving a lot of investment to innovate and bring better and more efficient therapies to market.

The Dermatology Drug Development Summit provides a forum for industry experts to share data and best practice to accelerate the success of game-changing derma products and ensure a better quality of life for patients with chronic conditions.

Join your peers to tackle specific challenges you face in developing these drugs – from strategic concerns, to R&D, clinical development and regulatory hurdles – and uncover the details behind the latest developments in this space.

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“I was able to get something out of each presentation. It was a total success in my opinion.”

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