October 24-25, 2018
Boston, USA

Partner Opportunities

The Dermatology Drug Development Summit will bring together key decision makers from leading pharma and biotech companies in the dermatology space, who are actively seeking partners to overcome challenges in developing new dermatological therapeutics.

Following a range of exciting emerging therapies being developed and starting to come to market for conditions which previously had few or no treatment options available – pharma and biotech companies are heavily increasing investment in the dermatology space.

Showcase your expertise in this space, particularly if you can specialize in:

  • Accelerating clinical development – position yourself as the leading Clinical Research Organization in the space
  • Target discovery – showcase your capabilities to boost the discovery process in dermatology
  • Drug delivery & formulation – communicate your capabilities to develop innovative delivery platforms and enhance topical drug formulation
  • In vivo tissue models – demonstrate your lead in providing effective and translatable dermatology tissue models

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