8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Elena Rizova VP & Head of Global Medical Affairs, Immuno Inflammation, Sanofi

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

9:00 am Keynote: Advancing Dermatology Medicines

  • Elena Rizova VP & Head of Global Medical Affairs, Immuno Inflammation, Sanofi


  • What have we learnt from the latest therapeutic breakthroughs in dermatological
    inflammatory diseases?
  • What is the next frontier in dermatology drug development?
  • Bridging the gap between science and patient

9:30 am Industry Leaders Panel: Pioneering in the “Golden Age” in Dermatology

  • Elena Rizova VP & Head of Global Medical Affairs, Immuno Inflammation, Sanofi
  • Paul F. Lizzul CMO, Sienna Biopharmaceuticals
  • Sonya Abraham Head of New Treatment Strategies, Immune-Dermatology, UCB


  • Exploring the “Golden Age” in dermatology drug development – key advances and challenges
  • Discussing what success looks like in derm drug development
  • What’s next? – exploring new indications, new targets, new personalized medicine approaches
  • Addressing unmet need – discussing drug development in rare conditions
  •  Navigating the fiercely competitive topical space

10:15 am Speed Networking


This session is the ideal opportunity to get face-to-face time with many of the
brightest minds working in the dermatology field and establish meaningful business

10:45 am Morning Refreshments

Chair: Jasmina Jankicevic, Dermatologist, Clinical
Development & Medical Affairs C

Chair: Jasmina Jankicevic, Dermatologist, Clinical
Development & Medical Affairs Consul

Advancing Early Stage Development in
Dermatology – Part 1

Next Generation Therapeutic Approaches
– Part 1

11.15 Elucidating Drug Efficacy Via Integrated Preclinical Models - Bridging Molecular, Cellular & Tissue Analysis
• Discussing potential inflammatory in vivo/ex vivo/in vitro
skin models
• Modulating of pruritus associated with allergic dermatitis
• Illustrating the value of an integrated preclinical research
strategy using a clinical stage case study

Paul Smith, Senior Director - Pharmacology Non-Oncology,
Incyte Corporation

11.15 JAK Inhibitors in Alopecia Areata & Other Dermatologic Diseases
• Exploring the genetic and immunological basis of
alopecia areata
• Discussing the rationale for the use of JAK inhibitors in
alopecia areata
• Understanding the broader rationale for the use of JAK
inhibitors in other dermatological diseases

Angela Christiano, Professor & Vice Chair for Research,
Department of Dermatology, Columbia University

11.45 Translational Research in Vitiligo: Launching a New Era of Targeted Treatments
• Exploring vitiligo, an autoimmune disease of the skin with
significant unmet medical need
• Understanding how vitiligo is driven by immune signaling
through IFNg, and therapies that target this pathway
show promise as effective new treatments
• Discussing how relapse occurs in up to 40% of vitiligo
patients after stopping therapy and this is due to
autoreactive resident memory T cells that can be
targeted by blocking IL-15

John Harris, Vice Chair of Dermatology & Director, Vitiligo
Clinic & Research Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School

11.45 Ruxolitinib Cream in The Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis & Vitiligo
• Describing ruxolitinib cream, a JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor
• Exploring phase 2 study outcomes of ruxolitinib cream in
patients with atopic dermatitis and vitiligo
• Analyzing key learnings so far

Michael Kuligowski, Executive Medical Director –
Inflammation & Autoimmunity, Incyte Corporation

12.15  Lunch & Networking

Innovating Formulation & Delivery

Next Generation Therapeutic Approaches
– Part 2

1.45 Making a Porsche Out of Your Old Chevy: How SolGel Turned an Old Drug into a Novel Rosacea Treatment
• Exploring the secrets behind Sol-Gel’s topical drug
delivery system
• Delving into the challenges in treating papulopustular
rosacea (PPR)
• EPSOLAY – the most effective treatment for PPR

Ofer Toledano, VP, R&D, Sol-Gel Technologies

1.45 Sarcoidosis & Granuloma Annulare: Emerging Pathways & Treatment
• Detailing on the poor understanding of the pathogenesis
of granulomatous disorders, including sarcoidosis and
granuloma annulare
• Understanding the significant burden of these diseases
– therapies are lacking, and so there is significant unmet
• Emerging data using JAK inhibitors for the treatment
of sarcoidosis and granuloma annulare illuminates
pathomechanism and may promise targeted therapy

Brett King, Associate Professor of Dermatology, Yale
University School of Medicine

2.15 Session Reserved for Groupe Parima
• More information coming soon

2.15 Krystal’s Engineered HSV-1 Vectors Efficient Vehicles for Local Delivery of Exogenous Genetic Materials to Skin Cells

• Discussing how vector technology can be used to treat
monogenic skin diseases
• Describing how the vector has high payload capacity and is non-integrating with a good safety profile
• Repeating administration with low immunogenicity
• Exploring the scalable manufacturing to process to make this a viable low cost gene therapy drug product

Suma Krishnan, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Krystal Biotech

2.30 Innovation in Topical Product Development
• Addressing formulation considerations and novel approaches
• Exploring new options for product packaging formats

Rajiv Mathur, VP, Product Development, CPL

2:45 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Strategic Insights Into Dermatology Drug Development

3:15 pm Topical Drug Development: Breaking Through Boundaries


  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities within the topical and
    transdermal industry
  •  De-risking the pharmaceutical pipeline to help ensure your chances of success in
    the clinic
  • Influencing key stakeholders to ensure your success

3:45 pm The Role of Medical Affairs in Dermatology as a Strategic Partner

  • Mandeep Kaur VP & Head of North America Medical Affairs for Immunology, Sanofi


  •  More information coming soon

4:15 pm Topical Delivery – The Importance of the Right Formulation in Topical Drug Development


  • Addressing the importance of the right formulation in topical therapies
  • Exploring the influence of formulation components and properties in skin
    absorption and efficacy
  • Discussing good formulation development practices: preformulation studies,
    selection of excipients, early stability studies, cell line/tissue toxicological studies,
    IVRT and skin penetration studies, and formulation development and optimization

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Elena Rizova VP & Head of Global Medical Affairs, Immuno Inflammation, Sanofi

5:00 pm Poster Session & Drinks Reception


After the formal presentations have finished, the learning and networking carries
on. The Poster Session is an informal part of the conference agenda, allowing you
to connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue to forge new and
existing relationships. During this session scientific posters will be presented on
novel targets, drugs with new mechanisms of action, preclinical models, and latest
progress in clinical programs.