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pharmaphorum.com, and its associated digital magazine Deep Dive, is a leading online destination for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry news, insight and debate.


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Pharma Journalist

Pharma Journalist is a paramount B2b online magazine platform exhibiting targeted and succinct information concerning the world of Pharmaceutical Industry therefore keeping a tab on the updated and latest updates and trends concerning the field.

Our widespread and market specific content write-ups cater to Industry professionals intending to keep pace with this dynamic and revolutionary industry. Articles like news, trends, analysis, reports, etc. enable further insight as well as an in-depth interpretation of industry trends.



News Medical 

News-Medical is an online, open-access medical information provider for healthcare and life science professionals, medical researchers and engaged consumers. The site is designed to be the A-Z of healthcare and life sciences, with encyclopaedic articles spanning both fields. In addition to sourcing and curating the latest medical news stories, the News-Medical team conducts and publishes interviews with experts in both academia and industry.