Summit Day Two Agenda

8:25 am Chair Opening Remarks

The Patient Perspective

8:30 am The Importance of Demonstrating & Communicating Value of Your Drug Candidate


  • Debating how we present a case for reimbursement on life-limiting versus life-threatening disease
  • Considering a multistakeholder perspective when communicating the value of your product
  • Debating at which stage of drug development to begin thinking about/integrating the patient perspective
  • Exploring quality of life surveys in clinical trials
  • Patient-reported Outcomes: how do they vary between diseases?

9:00 am Presentation brought to you by OM1

9:30 am What’s Next for Psoriasis? Possible Approaches Toward Cure


  • Quickly reviewing current treatments for psoriasis, which all are dependent uponcontinuous dosing to maintain efficacy
  • Outlining recent and ongoing treatment strategies for psoriasis that offer the possibility of remission/cure (no disease, off drug)
  • Exploring future therapeutic strategies for psoriasis that aim to induce remission/cure

10:00 am Shifting the Alopecia Areata Drug Development Paradigm

  • Arash Mostaghimi Assistant Professor, Director of Inpatient Dermatology Consult Service, Brigham & Women’s Hospital


  • Exploring how psoriasis drug development has shaped the path for alopecia, and how this isn’t fit for purpose
  • Maximizing the standard of care for patients through patient-reported outcome standardization
  • Moving beyond JAKs: detailing why alopecia needs biologics

10:30 am Clinical Trial Takeaways in the Microbiome Space

11:00 am Morning Break & Structured Networking

Track A: IL-4, IL-13, & IL-31 Associated Diseases

Innovating Delivery Approaches

11:30 am Revolutionizing Oral Drug Development in Atopic Dermatitis

  • Laurence Cheng Vice President Clinical Development, RAPT Therapeutics


  • Championing the specificity of the CCR4 target in atopic dermatitis
  • Delivering an orally administered small molecule with efficacious potency
  • Validating phase 1 studies with transcriptomic biomarker analyses to enable phase 2 progression

12:00 pm Presentation brought to you by Contract Pharmaceuticals

12:10 pm Delineating the role of IL-31 in the pathophysiology of Prurigo Nodularis


  • Shining light on the molecular and cellular characterization of PN
  • Scientifically rationalizing the investigation of IL-31 in PN
  • Highlighting the mechanism of action of the anti-IL-31RA drug, nemolizumab in PN using a multi-omics approach

Track B: IL-17 Associated Diseases & Rare Skin Disease

Innovating Delivery Approaches

11:30 am Overcoming the Moderate Efficacy Conundrum in PDE4 Inhibition through Hidradenitis Suppurativa

  • Kim Kjoller Chief Executive Officer, UNION Therapeutics


  • Outlining PDE4i mode of action and the therapeutic potential to treat across numerous indications with serious unmet need
  • Identifying subtypes to target B & D specificity in candidate compound
  • Championing an oral delivery method with a good safety profile drug candidate

12:00 pm Presentation brought to you by Nuvisan

12:10 pm A Novel Drug Candidate for Alopecia Areata: An Anti-BTLA Modulator


  • Detailing the mode of action for checkpoint inhibitor modulation in chronic inflammatory dermatological disease
  • Cataloguing the dermatological diseases to approach with checkpoint inhibitor modulation
  • Considering endpoints: pharmacodynamics, moving trials beyond 16 weeks (how to know if we have truly reset the immune system), and psycho/social aspects of a life-limiting disease

12:40 pm Lunch & Structured Networking

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