What's New This Year

We have exciting things coming up at this year’s Dermatology Drug Development Summit, as we continue to strongly invest in providing you with the most valuable content and experiences at the meeting!


FDA Speaking

It’s a great pleasure to announce the continued support and involvement of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as part of the Dermatology Drug Development Summit series, in a shared goal of guiding the industry community and advancing outcomes in derm drug development. Dr. Kendall Marcus, Director of the Division of Dermatology & Dental Products, will join us again to provide regulatory input around the utilization of digital tools in dermatology trials, as well as demonstrating efficacy in Hidradenitis suppurativa. There will also be a dedicated Q&A session afterwards.


25+ Case-Studies

There’s a bigger line-up of experts from leading organizations presenting their latest results and approaches.


2 Dedicated Streams

To delve further into the most relevant areas in dermatology drug development, the agenda is now streamed into Preclinical & Translational and Clinical topics. Exciting insights not to be missed and more target towards your specific interests.


3 Pre-Conference Workshops

You will have a comprehensive selection of focused deep-dive workshop sessions to choose from. Join these interactive learning and discussion group sessions:

  • Novel Translational & Clinical Development Approaches for Topicals
  • The Future of Drug Development in Dermatology: Indications & Implications
  • Formulation Development & Drug Delivery of Dermatological Drugs


1 Pre-Conference Start-Up Focus Roundtable

Specifically designed for early stage start-ups in the dermatology space, this session on “Backing the Bet: Exploring the Challenges of Funding Development” will provide a complimentary platform for anyone interested in interacting and learning from experts in investment and funding for life science companies on how to secure funding to develop your pipeline.


7h+ of Networking Time


Poster Session

The learning and networking carries on after the formal sessions are over on day 1. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your own research to a room full of dermatology experts, communicate your breakthroughs and expertise, get feedback from thought leaders and peers and add your perspectives to the discussion.