Epoxytiglianes for the Treatment of Dermatological Lesions & Chronic Wounds

Time: 2:00 pm
day: Day One Translational Track PM


  • The epoxytiglianes are a family of diterpene esters with a multifactorial mode of action, currently being developed as therapeutics to treat a range of dermatological indications
  • Emerging data suggest that our current clinical candidates (Tigilanol Tiglate and EBC-1013) directly affect the survival of both neoplastic cells and bacteria/associated biofilms, in addition to inducing an acute but rapidly resolving inflammatory response in skin resident/migratory cell types that resets the wound microenvironment and facilitates healing with minimal scarring
  • Early clinical data and case studies illustrate the potential clinical utility and patient benefits of the epoxytigliane drug class